Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Until i moved into the Old Fourth Ward, i had no idea how realistic the whole Jehova's Witness stereotype is. These two old ladies, "Wo" and "?"(i think the other one gave up her name in honor of the war on terror or lent or something... She's just kinda like Wo's henchman anyway,) come by the house every couple days or so to bring me or Katie a crazy pamphlet about how Television is God's way of telling us to support our troops or that Carjacking is the devil's way of preventing us from living forever or that scientists are working round the clock on a cure for sin. You have to talk to them for about a half an hour just to tell them you don't have time to talk to them. The bummer is that you have to, like, "break up with them" every week just to close the door. Still, every week they come by to check and see if all of the sudden those crazyass booklets are gonna convert us. Actually, Wo seems liked she'd be a pretty cool sassy black principal on a Fox teen drama if it wasn't for all the religious telemarketing. At least the booklets are free; the Krishna's try to charge you for em! Talk about bad karma!

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