Friday, December 28, 2007


I'm pretty sure i scooped Pitchfork on this one. (How does it feel to get scooped? Huh, Pitchfork? You like that. You got scOOOPed! ) It seems our old pals in DEERHUNTER have shrewdly pulled the wool over our eyes yet again. Some late night internet research reveals that not only is the group staying together for the meantime; they have also recorded a new album, 2004. The title has been a source of much debate on internet chatrooms all over my parents' house. Some believe its named after the heyday of droney murk, or perhaps, a reference to Dr. Dre's opus, The Chronic 2001. It may also be a mysterious tribute to Bush's second term. (He is pictured on the album sleeve crouching with a rifle.)
The album, seen here, is just the latest in a series of wild publicity stunts linked to the group. No tracklisting was available as of press time, but it appears it will be released on Atari, furthering public opinion that DEERHUNTER are nerds. This album is rated: Teen.

PS: Can we all agree to stop using the term, Indie Darlings? I feel like one of those sex predators from that show just for typing that. Its creepy.

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