Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm developing a disturbing milf-crush on Sandra Lee from Food Network's Semi Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee. I share her passion for fruity cocktails and not making anything from scratch. I think its really funny that so many women hate her. The haters even have a sweet name for her fans: Leetards!
My buddies and I always joke around about going out to Johnny's Hideaway (Buckhead's premier 'over 40' nite club) and finding ourselves a couple of nice Cougars that have nothing to worry about other than planning parties and soccer practice. I don't think it would be that fun in reality; I'm sure we'd probably just end up being harrassed by a bunch of wasted Paula Deens.

Check out this recipe for "Steamers":

I'm less embarrassed by my ongoing unhealthy obsessions with Giada & the Final Countdown:

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camarofox said...

god, paul is obsessed with giada too! agreed, she is hot but there is just no room for another jada (or giada) in our lives!