Monday, October 09, 2006


I'm lucky enough to live in Atlanta where there's a really exciting group of young bands. Lately, it seems the stakes get raised with every release. Since i've lived here, the punk mainstays have always been the consistent CARBONAS and the future primitive chaos of BLACK LIPS. For good reason. These guys are on another level! Everyone knows about the BLACKLIPS antics, but they've quietly built up a huge rep as the premier psychedelic punk band. Their latest album, LET IT BLOOM expounds on their GENIUS equation: Take graveyard blues (13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS), 80s L.A. (GERMS) plus 196? (TROGGS, DUTRONC). What do you get? Perfectly fucked up. If you've seen them recently on tour with either BYOP or YYY, then you know what i mean and you probably ramble on like this to everyone with ears. Sorry deafs. Like true Vikings, they've recently returned, prodigal-style, from Tijuana recording their debut for VICE: a live album, accompanied by a mariachi band! If you need any further proof check out this video for Cole's solo shit, OLD KING COLE YOUNGER. IN MY MIND. This is the drug of the imagination.

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