Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I'm off to Jamaica. I know what you're thinking. Wrong. Its a business trip, ok? Jeez. Ok, MR. NOSY. I'll tell you. Let's just say you-know-who's taking meetings re:securing the film rights to a certain hit TV series. NO... Nuh uh. I'm not telling. Let's also just say it involves a LOT of sexual tension between a closeted lesbian news anchor, her former pageant queen co-host, her male producer, and a ZANY housepainter/slob! Wish me luck!
On an unrelated note: please send all erotic MURPHY BROWN fan fiction to the comment address below this post. Thanks in advance!
PS: I hope the Spencer's Gifts in Jamaica's selection of funny Jamaican stuff rivals the one here at home.
ps2:It was MURPHY BROWN. The answer's MURPHY BROWN.

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