Wednesday, October 18, 2006


"Hi, most of you knew me as a gay coked out alien, masquerading as an annoying person. It wasn't long before i became known as a wrestling author and BJ instructor at a small Ivy League school. Later, i became a wrinkly alcoholic scientist; solving complex equations (and complex relationships) by curing retardedness and restless leg syndrome with the help of some of Hollywood's least popular stars, Billy Crystal and "Whoopie" Goldberg. In the 1980's, an era characterized by more heavy drug use, i led the crusade against comedy with my Comic Relief Campaign. I am currently serving as Mayor of Wastedtown. If you have any suggestions or improvements for Wastedtown, please contact the Wastedtown Chamber of Commerce, located possibly, at the bottom of a bottle of old granddad. I'm not really Robin Williams. Robin Williams can't read. "- Wikipedia

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