Wednesday, October 18, 2006


MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE - Black Parade: Listeners thought this "gay" "opera" band "sucked ass." Many found it "contrived" and "shitty." 0/10
GNARLS BARKLEY - St. Elsewhere: This "group" has been referred to as "generic" and "carpool friendly," but remains a "fave" of the "bonnaroo crowd" and others afraid to admit its really just 90's grunge Outkast. Service is "disappointing" yet "spicy." 6/10
JOSE GONZALES - Veneer: This "mellow" "yacht rock" is not without out its "charms." "Smooth" "jamz" showcasing "swedish" Gonzales' s "patient" yet "reckoning" sense of "melody." Wrap yourself in this "musical" "drug rug" and "throw your cares" into the "sea."9/10
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - Jehovah Surrender: My "friend" "Shayde" plays "bass" in this "psychedelic" band. "Freaky" "V.U." meets "incredible string band" "fuzz folk." 8/10

This "joke" got "old" after the "first one." Should have "dropped it" there. "Sorry" and "thank you."10/10

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Michelle said...

i just stumbled across your blog.. and this entry is "genius."

seriously, zagat humor? i love it. those reviews are amusing in themselves because it's hard to read comments in quotations without sarcasm. like each quoted adjective should be followed by a nudge and a wink that says "IF you know what I mean..."

...anyway, well done