Friday, March 23, 2007

Holy Shit pt 2 - The Dose in Austin!

SXSW was pretty wild. Atlanta rep'd hard for the durty. check out if you don't believe me. Dangerous moves are no strangerous dudes, so we had to wreck some shit while we were there too. -Skull club
This guy will sue you if you're not partying hard enough. He's also the Strip Club's unofficial mascot.
Here i am asking a hobo for directions to Red River and Lamar or something. Psych! That's Cole from BLACK LIPS sans the dirty wig and the fireworks.
THE HISS rocking hy-meys at the Northern Star party. Yes, Ian and I are, in fact, blasting out the same boogie attack chord. Apparently, I smelled like alcohol that whole day.THE COATHANGERS are like YOKO singing for a dubbed out FLIPPER. These girls say, "Your mom...", after anything you say, so its pointless to try to talk to them. I also saw them rob a homeless guy's flowers once. You can't really make the sign out in the background, but the place we played, Jaime's, is breast feeding friendly... Not to be confused with a breast feeding frenzy, which also happened (at RICK's CABARET!)THE MAYOR's our tour manager. He just did a mountain of drugs before this photo was taken. I'm not sure if it was for SNEAKING BACKSTAGE at the VICE party with an ENORMOUS paper bag full of booze (cost:$6.00) or for hypnotizing a stripper with the THRILLER DANCE at RICK'S CABERET, but somewhere along the way THE MAYOR acheived MVP status. Incredibly, he took most of these pics as well.
Here's me and some hobos having beans at a weird rest stop in the center of the highway. You can barely make out the "JUST CHILLING OUT" cooler. (See open van door.) THE MAYOR bought it on our way back to the A. It features a spraypainted neon duck with a weird mohawk surfing right onto the shore of a deserted beach; where one would presume he's about to "chill out."That's funny. I don't remember seeing this guy at all. He looks like he just crawled out of that bag.

-Many Thanks go out to Goodtime Paul, Kenny, Mary, and Claire for hospitality and shenanigans-


mayor of ponce said...

wait a minute. what? i dont remember any of this. adrian has a healthy imagination.

lewdsilver said...

you dude, great pic of the "law-yer" - hopeing to be @ SXSW next year myself, lovin the tunes from "Don't leave me out here" - songs from iTunes.