Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Just Me

sorry about the lack of blogs. i don't have interweb axxess at the moment. in liu of a "real" blog, i'll just give you some fun facts about me.

1. I've got some purple hair; i'm going for a G.I. Joe bad guy/Zartan look.
2. i'm taller than i look.
3. i'm enjoying the early arrival of summer.
4. i recently woke up in my friend Nini's bathtub.
5. i'm obsessed with a Skull bowling ball i just saw.
6. i'm the Art Director/Head of A&R for Dangerous Moves International Records.
7. i'm having the time of my life.
8. miss my friends though.

9. Anchor Bay has made my wildest dreams come true by properly releasing the Jodorowsky Box Set (El Topo, Holy Mtn, and Fando Y Lis; $44.99 at Best Buy!)
10. I'm about to start improv classes at Dad's Garage.
11. I've read The Game by N.Strauss
comes out May 22nd.
13. I'm recording a "solo album."
14. Houndburglar will be back this summer.
15. I have a bar in my house. Its called the Skull Club.
16. You're invited.



sister marie said...

i want to come to the skull club. vip all the way baby!

ps - too awesome playing jamie's with you at sxsw

camarofox said...

sounds like you have some really exciting things going on, congrats! improv classes will be perfect for you! i am trying to get pp raw to start acting classes up here.

elizabeth said...

Your friends miss you too Adrio.