Monday, October 01, 2007


Hello weirdos,
Its been a while. I'm glad we have these talks. They're special.

Anyway... its been a hot, cruel summer in the ATL(anta.) I'm just gonna reminisce on this for a minute. Party along with this tune bad kids.
Music: Black lips - "Bad Kids" MP3 from Good Bad Not Evil
Dennis Wilson - "YOU & I" MP3 from Pacific Ocean Blue

  • Pool parties at Miltown Lofts, 2007 will never be the same. Its like when the Z-boys discovered pool skating. Color me rad.
  • pORCHIN IT AT eLIZABETH'S HOUSE. Bitchin party house all nighters at Blanche DeVeroux's place. The last megabash for CB/Lil' Joe/Ezra/Drennen was the party that ended it all. "Who's blood is this on my shirt?"
  • Corndogorama. Summertime blues. Good corndogs. Gettin weird at Lenny's Beach.
  • Mara's summer bash. Classic. Judi Chicago fired the shot heard 'round Atlanta. The Hiss , with a dose of forshadowing, played without Ian, with Brandon on guitar and Johnny Krall on bass instead of George (who left the party with a girl and thought no one would notice.)
  • Austin. SXSW. I already covered this one.
  • Miami pt. 1 & 2. Can't wait to go back. Gettin weird in Vice City. Hanging at the Double Duece. The Gay Topless beach. Mod Johnny. Ladies of Dade County. Revolver. Milton, the Techno alarm clock. "Who's the point man?" "Get in the hole, J."
  • Oxford, Mississippi. Total fun. When you play there, they put your band in the local paper's crossword/word search. And everybody in the town asks you if your in The Hiss. Weird. The Jubilee is the jump off point for anyone visiting. Hospitality plus. "Why's yalls grill in muh y'rd????" or "Is there damn anybody here that damn lives here???"
  • nEW oRLEANS, lA. Holy Crap. I fucking love that place. DJ Kristen & DJ Matt tear the club up. (That's tear as in Hulk Hogan ripping his tank top off, not tear, like, that salty water that drips out of your eye if you're a sissy or emo. It would be silly to cheer them on for that.)

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