Thursday, December 27, 2007


HELLO internet,
This has been a weird year and i think 2008 will be even weirder still!
I'm currently shopping around a script! Its about a new rave DJ that accidentally starts a computer virus (CODENAME: spoonman) that kills the music scene in a sleepy southern metropolis (read: Atlanta.) Its up to a precocious bunch of frat boys (and an old lady) , who stumble into an underground burrito club to save the city before time runs out and rock n' roll dies forever! There's a car chase, some CSI style forensics, a talking cat, a robot that beatboxes clues, sword fights, culture vampires, a laser lightshow, and a magic record! I haven't worked out all the details yet, but dialogue and storylines are overrated anyway; i'm focusing on the merchandising first (action figures, headbands, candy, promotional sodas, limited edition NEW Era fitteds, etc.) I figure that the "story" will write itself. I'm just a vessel.


j. said...

too bad christopher reeve died. he could've totally played the part of the nemisis who's lair is disquised as a daytime burrito joint.

can emanuel lewis play me? im I even in it??

wait a minute. I love rave music. DONT MAKE THIS MOVIE!
alot has changed since you left for Tampa.

katie said...

dear mr. jesus, please don't let 2008 be weirder than 2007. and send adrio home safely.

your friend,