Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Simply the Best

I haven't been on this Internet thing in weeks! Jeez!
First of all:
R.I.P. Bernie Mac
We will miss you, America.

I think its about time to brighten things up around here with a nice "Summer's over" Best of list.

Here we go:

  • Jacuzzi Boys - Mind-blowing Latino heartthrob trash peddlers. Check out their recent 7" on Hozac if you don't believe me. See them in action for the full power trio experience.
  • Gentleman Jesse LP - Sweet. Its funny that people think its a "summer record," since its pretty obvious that Jesse hates the summer. Hasn't anyone heard his song, "Going out of my mind"? Gentleman J's world is full of melted candy bars and annoying attention hungry chicks; you may as well just drink your troubles away and sleep as much as you can cos its way too hot to have fun outside.
  • Apache 'Boomtown Gems' LP - These guys know exactly how good it feels to play stripped down retarded glam punk, and they do it with style all over this record. You can practically smell the weed smoke coming from behind the bleachers. Skipping school never sounded this good.
  • The Last Rob's House show - Always hotter than hell, its still sorta sad to see it go.
  • Getting Wasted when there's nothing better to do - Ya know?
  • Making up funny names for restaurants - Kenny Braggard's Boasters (Home of the best fucking chicken... of all time!!), Lord of the Wings (like Hooters, except we only employ retired old men with long beards dressed like wizards), Hot Chicks (exactly like Hooters), etc. Ad Nauseum.
  • Dwight Twilley / Phil Seymour - Criminally underrated Oklahoman Pop craftsmen. My interest has grown from casual to obsessive. Todd even had a weird correspondence with Twilley's wife via Myspace. ??? WTF??? In league with 20/20~Big Star~Badfinger~Raspberries
That's about all I can remember? Winter, its about time you show your ugly face. I've got some pretty sweet jackets I've been neglecting.


PS: I know that "<3">

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